the best weekend of the winter


who doesn't love a staycation?

At this retreat, students will learn how to be ready when they face the inevitable obstacles of high school. That’s why it’s called myLIFE—we want each student to be equipped to live their best life with God at the center.

While spending the weekend at a host home in their community with their small group, students will attend three main sessions, have small group time, and participate in a fun group outing during free time. This event has the most built-in bonding time for your student and their small group, so you don’t want to miss it!

2019 Dates Coming Soon!


Event Team

If you are a current college student or high school senior and you would like to serve on our Event Team for myLIFE, we'd love your help. High school seniors will serve during events that are NOT held during their church's myLIFE weekend.

All spots are full!


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