Who were Jesus’ friends?

Who were Jesus’ friends?

At InsideOut, there are two things we talk a lot about. First, Jesus. We think he’s the Son of God/Savior of the world/Redeemer of mankind. There is a lot to say about him. Second, your friends. You might have noticed that we continually ask you to invite your friends. Why? Because we think friends are important, and guess what? So did Jesus.

We spend a lot of time talking about Jesus, but we also talk about how to be like Jesus. We believe being Christ-like should be the goal of every Christian, which brings me to this week’s question. If we want to be like Jesus (which is a great desire), and if we want to have friends (pretty sure we all want this), then what type of friends did Jesus have? Who were the people he hung out with the most, and what were they like?

Let’s check it out.

Jesus had two main friend groups. He had an inner circle, which were his 12 disciples, and an outer circle, which were people he casually spent time with. I think we can all relate to having these kinds of friend groups. Guys have “the boys” and girls have “gal pals” (is that what you call them?). These are the friends that are always there for you no matter what, and they’re the people you spend the most time with.

Jesus’ boys were his 12 disciples, and when you look at them across the board, you’ll see they were pretty normal guys. Overall, this group didn’t look much different than your group of friends. However, what made this group special was that they were loyal, faithful, and trustworthy, and we believe those are three characteristics you should be looking for in your closest friends.

  1. Are they loyal? Do they have your back no matter what?
  2. Are they faithful? Are they faithful to you, as well as faithful in their efforts to be like Jesus?
  3. Are they trustworthy? Do they talk behind your back, or are they the people you would trust with any secret?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself when you are choosing your closest friends, especially if you want to have friends like Jesus had.

Now, Jesus also had an outer circle of friends. These were the people he saw around town and whose houses he occasionally went to for dinner. They were like the people you see in the school hallways and cafeteria—just straight-up normal like you and me.

You want to know why Jesus hung out with normal people like us? It was so he could tell them about his heavenly Father, and that’s what we want to encourage you to do as well. Pick close friends who are loyal, faithful, and trustworthy. Then, spend time hanging out with the normal people you come into contact with every day and invite them to learn more about God with you. 

InsideOut is for you and your friends. Bring your close friends and your “hallway” friends, and let’s learn more about Jesus together!

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