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What is InsideOut?

InsideOut is our high school student ministry. Each Sunday we have a time of worship, Biblical teaching, and small groups. InsideOut happens on Sunday afternoons from 4:30-6:30pm. We have 3 annual events: myLIFE Weekend (February), the Walk (late June), and Vertical Reality (October). We also offer several mission trip opportunities for students each summer (trip info and applications for trips become available in November).

Why does high school meet on Sunday afternoons from 4:30-6:30 pm?

There are two of the main reasons why we meet in the afternoon:

  1. We want to make InsideOut an easy environment for our students to attend. Typically, Sunday afternoons are the least “programmed” time of the week for high school students, which means less conflicts for them!
  2. We believe that serving others is an important part in the growth of our student’s faith. We encourage our students to take part of our LOVE MOVES initiative on Sunday mornings. We encourage our students to serve in Waumba Land (birth–preschool), UpStreet and KidStuf (kindergarten–5th grade), and Transit (6th–8th grade) as a strategic part of LOVE MOVES. Our high school students serve along side adults in all of these environments. We will have additional information this summer about how your student can get involved.

How does a student get involved in a small group?

The first Sunday that a student visits InsideOut, they need to stop by our Host Table. They will fill out an On-Line Profile and the Host Team will give them more information about InsideOut. After worship and the talk, students will be dismissed to small groups. At this time, all the new students will stay in the Attic and a staff member will meet with them and get them plugged into a group.

How are groups formed?

We create all groups based on gender, grade, and high school. We want students to have friends in their small groups that attend the same school. The level of accountability and the depth of a relationship increase when students see friends from their small groups on a daily basis! Each group may have students that all attend the same high school, or they may have a combination of students from neighboring schools. We do understand that your students may have friends that live close by, but who attend a different high school. We will do the best we can to keep those friends together. If your student visits InsideOut for the first time with a friend, they will attend their friends small group.

Can parents meet or contact their student’s small group leader?

Yes! We encourage our leaders to partner with the parent’s of their students. We want leaders and parents to work together to help their students grow in their relationship with God and navigate through their high school years.