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How to Have a Great Summer - Starting in June

It never fails that by December, we are already making plans for summer: plans to get a great tan, find a job, or just hang out with friends. It seems that although we have big plans for what we are going to do over the summer, after it’s over we don’t really have anything to show for it.

What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if there was something we could do—a way we could spend our summer to make a difference? What if we could help our community, grow closer to our friends, or—most importantly—grow closer to God? In this series, we will explore how to pursue God while influencing others through living out our faith. Hopefully this series will help us experience the most significant summer ever.

2014 Mission Trips

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June 21–25


May 25

Memorial Day Weekend- No InsideOut

May 18

Senior Sunday

May 11

Mother’s Day- No InsideOut

April 20

Easter - No InsideOut