I want to read my Bible, but where do I start?

I want to read my Bible, but where do I start?

I’m going to acknowledge something right off the bat: the Bible is a huge book. I mean, massive. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by how big it is, but in God’s defense, he has a lot to say, so let’s at least hear him out.

If you’re like me, sometimes it can be stressful deciding where to start. There’s just SO MUCH material! How do we pick what’s best to read? Well, I’m going to give you a few tips to get you started, and here’s the great news about the Bible being huge: there’s something in there for everyone—history, poetry, action, adventure, romance, drama, and lots more. So, if you think the Bible doesn’t have anything to offer you, you might be surprised.

During this series, we we’ll be talking about breaking bad habits and starting good ones. If reading the Bible is one of the habits you want to start, one of the best places to dive in is the book of Proverbs. The great thing about Proverbs is that it is applicable to everyone’s life and it’s easy to learn something new from every chapter. Also, there are 31 chapters, which happen to be the number of days in most months. You don’t even have to start at the beginning! You can just pick the chapter that corresponds with the day you’re reading it and go from there. How simple is that?

Below, we’ve listed different genres/topics that are covered in the Bible and where to find them. We hope this helps you discover a part of the Bible that interests you and gets you started on the path of exploration that the Bible can open up. As always, if you have any questions about what you’re reading, we’re happy to help.


Genesis – The history of how the world was created, where sin came from, and stories about people, including Noah, Abraham, and Joseph

Exodus – Contains details of the beginning of the Israelites’ journey and some crazy stuff that God did through Moses

Acts – The history of the modern church and what happened right after Jesus was resurrected

Action and Adventure:

Joshua – This guy was an incredible leader and commander, so this book would be great for any war buffs.

Famous Women:

Esther/Ruth – Both of these books are great character studies on two incredible women.


Psalms – This book contains lots of poems and songs about God.

Lamentations – Each chapter of this book is an acrostic poem, so that’s cool.

Song of Solomon – This book is all about sex and how to have a romantic marriage.

The Gospels:

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John make up the Gospels. Any of these books would be a GREAT place to start. They tell the story of Jesus’ life from four different perspectives. They are some of the most popular books in the Bible.

Modern Wisdom:

All of Paul’s letters in the New Testament are full of wisdom that can be applied to your life today. If you’re not sure if the Bible is applicable to your life, check these out.

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