I want to read my Bible, but where do I start?


I want to read my Bible, but where do I start?

I’m going to acknowledge something right off the bat: the Bible is a huge book. I mean, massive. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by how big it is, but in God’s defense, he has a lot to say, so let’s at least hear him out. If you’re like me, sometimes it can be stressful deciding […]

Who were Jesus’ friends?

At InsideOut, there are two things we talk a lot about. First, Jesus. We think he’s the Son of God/Savior of the world/Redeemer of mankind. There is a lot to say about him. Second, your friends. You might have noticed that we continually ask you to invite your friends. Why? Because we think friends are […]

How do I tell someone about Jesus without feeling awkward?

As Christians, we have been told to tell other people about Jesus (Matthew 28:18–20; Luke 4:18–19; Romans 10:14), but sometimes it can be straight-up weird. I’ll be the first to admit that I have definitely experienced that uncomfortable feeling when I’m talking about Jesus, especially when the other person isn’t necessarily picking up what I’m […]

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